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Bright Cape created a design library for dashboards for quick prototyping

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At Bright Cape, we offer the unique discipline Human-Data Interaction (HDI). This discipline bridges the gap between data and people. Together with our Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Process Mining Consultants our Human Data Interaction Consultants form an integral part of our multidisciplinary team that is constantly working on creating insights to optimize processes. Data science offers many possibilities, but it is incredibly important to always take the end-user into consideration. Therefore, it is crucially important to ask yourself what the person asking truly wants to see in his/her dashboards and monitors in order to steer effectively on the processes. And here is where our HDI expertise comes into play. Does the end-user just need a number, a table,…


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Efficiency + Sustainability = Performance

Bright Cape was present at the Amsterdam stop of the 2022 Celonis World Tour, a roadshow bringing together industry leaders, business titans, and the world’s top experts in process mining and execution management. And as we prepare to attend Celosphere 2022 in  Munich, Germany, we want to look back on...

The road to becoming a Process Mining consultant

The Process Mining Consultants at Bright Cape analyze operational processes and guide our clients through the entire process. They play an important role in translating complex data into meaningful insights to show clients what actually happened in the process and help them understand why it happened. This data-driven approach uncovers...

In search of my first job as a Data Science graduate

Bente finished her studies at the beginning of the year 2021 and started her career as a Data Scientist at Bright Cape in April 2021. She studied Industrial Engineering and Data Science & Entrepreneurship, a handy combination of Business and Data Science. In a series of three blogs, she will...

The learnings of Celosphere LIVE 2020

As a partner of Celonis we attended Celosphere 2020, the biggest process mining event of the year. Within this 3-day event we acquired a tremendous amount of new ideas and obtained the latest insights. Eager to know the highlights? Here we have brought together a selection of various customer stories...

Bright Cape investeert in toekomst met High Tech Software Cluster

Bright Cape treedt toe tot het High Tech Software Cluster. CEO Serge Beniers: ,, Wij zien gelijkgestemden in het cluster  en begrijpen dat we de handen ineen moeten slaan om de toekomst van maakbedrijven in de regio zeker te stellen. Zeker in lastige tijden is het belangrijk om met de...

OWL Logistics

Automating processes The industry 4.0 keeps developing. By automating processes in the supply chain, robots and machines become able to communicate with one another and make autonomous decisions. Instead of replacing the employees, those machines are a substitute that helps their colleagues with their daily tasks. To automate the machines,...

Bright Cape provides Smart Industry Assistant

Consultancy company becomes SAS Managed Analytics Service Provider Bright Cape made a Managed Application Service Provider (MASP) deal with SAS. Therefore, Bright Cape can transform its Smart Industry Assistant (SIA) to a fast, safe and cloud-based application. By building the SIA- solution on the SAS Viya-platform, Bright Cape helps optimising...

Bright Cape in Eindhoven helpt bedrijven en doet leuke dingen met data

Data gedreven EINDHOVEN - Goed nieuws voor twijfelende directeuren, managers en calculators. Bright Cape helpt ze hun beslissingen te toetsen aan vele gegevens. Bovendien doet het Eindhovense bedrijf leuke dingen met data, met steun van Europa. Dat Bright Cape behalve in een sfeervol voormalig kerkje in Stratum ook op de...

My first months as an Human Data Interaction Consultant at Bright Cape

It’s been a couple of months since Gamze kick-started her career at Bright Cape. She is grateful to turn out as a Human Data Interaction Consultant (HDI) after completing her Data-Driven Design Master’s Degree in Utrecht. We caught up with her to learn firsthand how her experiences have been so...

How I experience the culture at Bright Cape

Bente finished her studies at the beginning of the year 2021 and started her career as a Data Scientist at Bright Cape in April 2021. She studied Industrial Engineering and Data Science & Entrepreneurship, a handy combination of Business and Data Science. In a series of three blogs, she will...
Serge Beniers van Bright Cape en Erwin Cootjans van Nunner

Logistiek en data-analyse bundelen krachten in Brainport: Nunner helpt Bright Cape mede aan 10 miljoen euro groeikapitaal

HELMOND/EINDHOVEN - Eigenaar Erwin Cootjans van de Helmondse logistieke dienstverlener Nunner bundelt de krachten met het Eindhovense data-analysebedrijf Bright Cape. Dat krijgt door investeringen van Cootjans en de huidige eigenaren voor ruim 10 miljoen euro aan groeikapitaal. Bright Cape helpt bedrijven gebruik te maken van de enorme hoeveelheid data die ze...

Introducing VIPO

Computer vision and AI to improve customer knowledge and user experience for retail and fashion brands Bright Cape is working on a new EIT Digital-supported project and it is going to hit the market. Together with the University of Barcelona and the University of Rennes1 we are working on a new...

Care robot Sara stays overnight

Care robot SARA supports care personnel during the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 virus hits hard in The Netherlands. Especially for the elderly, and caregivers, the consequences are enormous. Intending to provide remote care and provide relief from the 'loneliness virus', Bright Cape makes its care robot SARA available to elderly...

Industry 4.0

Smart machines Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, with the main purpose of enhancing computers and machines with smart and autonomous systems that are driven by data and machine learning. This makes producing more efficient which gives the investing company an increases competitive position. Smart machines are based on...

Robotic colleague reduces work pressure in healthcare

This article is a translation of the original Dutch article, which you can read here Eindhoven - The Dutch organization Bright Cape has, within a European EIT Digital Innovation consortium, developed a robotic healthcare colleague to reduce work pressure in the health sector and maintain quality of care. SARA, is the...

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Data Scientist at Bright Cape

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