OWL Logistics

Automating processes

The industry 4.0 keeps developing. By automating processes in the supply chain, robots and machines become able to communicate with one another and make autonomous decisions. Instead of replacing the employees, those machines are a substitute that helps their colleagues with their daily tasks.

To automate the machines, a software platform is needed on which you can monitor and control these machines. Optimizing Warehousing and Logistics (OWL) is a start-up that provides both full-range solutions and stand-alone solutions. The full range of solutions are made in collaboration with other companies that can provide the right hardware so that a completely integrated solution of hardware combined with OWL’s software is created. These solutions are easily integrated with the commonly used Warehouse Management Systems. Moreover, OWL provides additional software modules that improve warehouse processes where the current WMS lacks innovation, like batching and slotting. These solutions can also easily be connected to the current infrastructure.


Currently, OWL provides three different algorithms: Batching, Slotting, and Planning & Scheduling. Batching and Slotting is focused on combining picking tasks and the placement of products in the warehouse in order to improve the efficiency of the pickers. Planning & Scheduling is more focused on the overall flow of pallets in the warehouse and produces a plan to execute a given number of tasks with minimal throughput time. Curious to find out what OWL can do for you? Visit their website or request a demo here

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