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Bright Cape helps businesses get the most from their data

We take you on a journey of discovery through your data. We guide companies and institutions in their digitization journey by building and implementing scalable, sustainable data science solutions. We do this with both standardized and tailor-made solutions.

At Bright Cape, we breathe data. No matter how experienced you are with data analytics, Bright Capers know exactly what to do to help you increase revenues, reduce costs and streamline processes. We have expertise in Analytics & Applied Data Science, Data-Driven Experience Design, Process Mining Center of Excellence, and innovative products. We love a challenge, so we devise, create and implement the right solution for the right problem by means of the latest innovations in data. Our solutions have proven success in a.o. the following domains: Industry, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Finance and Marketing & Sales.


How will we help your business?

We offer the most suitable data science solutions that suit your business, your people, and your data. We formulate this in such a way that it is a practical, feasible, and manageable solution. Of course, we help with the implementation of the solution.

Discover our unique methodology


We extract valuable insights from your data and translate this into actionable recommendations. We set this out on a roadmap to achieve your data and business goals step by step. What KPIs can we help you with?


We extract valuable insights from your data and translate this into actionable recommendations. We set this out on a roadmap to achieve your data and business goals step by step. What KPIs can we help you with?


We train your organization and thereby increase the competence levels. We think it is important that you can work independently with the solution. Knowledge is power, power to people!

Bright Cape helped us from insights to value by embedding Process Mining into our company. And learned us how to combine Process Mining and Lean.

Jacco Tolman

Implementation manager at ABN AMRO

Process Mining advice & implementation

Every organization collects a huge amount of data, sometimes without you being aware of it. Each system automatically records what happens, but what exactly can you do with this data? How do you get value from this? With process mining, we investigate to what extent the reality corresponds with the expected process.

Data-Driven Experiences

Who uses the data and why? What exactly do they actually need? From DDEX we focus on the end-user and the context. By using methods and techniques from cx, UX design/research, and psychology and combining them with data, we create user-friendly solutions.

Translate your data strategy into execution

Do you also have such a cool data roadmap? are you not really sure how to realize this? We are creative, hands-on, innovative and pragmatic. With this we ensure that your data dream becomes reality.

Data Science for operational excellence

Do you sometimes think I should do something with data science? What will it bring you? We use data science techniques to reduce costs, increase quality and shorten lead times. With this, we create sustainable solutions for your operations.

Digital exploration & transformation

Do you want something with data and you to see cool things happening? Are you not really sure what fits well with your organization? We are happy to help you in this voyage of discovery, explore different options and ensure that your processes transform with them.

Dream it, do it

Your problem is our challenge

We direct and implement the most innovative data science solutions

Full Service Solutions

From analysis to implementation

Our strength lies in translating insights into implementation

Proven Expertise

We help leading companies

We serve our customers with the right solutions and expertise to get the most out of their business

Focus on Deliverables

We always deliver. Promised!

We focus on the wishes of the customer and the KPIs to be achieved, but we also like to think along, out of the box

Focus on Training

We train the customer with new insights

We work together with the customer, so we like to share our knowledge for sustainable solutions

Curious and Innovative

We stay ahead of the curve

We are a young team that is not only guided by existing technology, but also pushes the boundaries thereof

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