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The right solution, with the right data, for the right people, with the right context

Together with our client, we look for the right total data solution. We believe that the right solution lies at the intersection of the available data, the business context, the problem definition, and the people who ultimately have to work with the solution. A total solution – and that’s what we are good at.

Bright Cape doesn’t just look at the technology but goes one step further. We also look at how we can gain insight into the problem with the use of data and find the best solution, which we then actually implement and make work within your organization. Because only a correctly implemented total solution ultimately ensures the desired improvement for your business process.

By focusing on people, we are able to empower technology and create meaningful interactions and insights.

Lindsey van der Lans

Manager Human Data Interaction Consultants at Bright Cape


Without people no data solutions

As Bright Cape, we have a wide range of services. We help you to map out processes using process mining, which we then learn to understand with the use of human-centered design methodologies, among other things. Our strength is that we never separate technology from the context, or from the people who have to work with it. We offer fully integrated solutions using data science, data analytics, and experience design.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics empowers your organization to transform data into actionable insights, driving operational excellence and sustainable growth. By harnessing the power of data, organizations can gain a competitive advantage by steering decision-making from gut feelings to data-driven precision.

Process Mining

Every organization collects a large number of data, sometimes without being aware of it. Every system automatically records what happens, but what exactly can you do with this data? How do you get value out of it? With process mining we investigate to what extent reality matches the expected process.

Human Data Interaction (HDI)

At Bright Cape, we put people first. We ensure that our data solutions seamlessly match the needs and wishes of both your organization and its people. Our experts in Human Data Interaction combine the power of data with user experience research and design to create user-friendly solutions.

Data Engineering

Good data science and analytics cannot exist without good data. That is why the goal of Data Engineering is making complete, high-quality data securely available at your fingertips. Data engineering combines data from multiple sources and transforms it into a structure that is optimized for use by the rest of the organization.

Data Science

Do you sometimes think: I should do something with data science? What will it bring you? We use data science techniques to reduce costs, increase quality and shorten lead times. This enables us to create sustainable solutions for your operations.

Demand Forecasting

Do you encounter challenges like e.g. large amounts of buffer stocks in your supply chain that lead to high costs and lack of space? Is your company facing irregular demand patterns? With demand forecasting, we can bring you the future information you need by creating a data-driven construct of what the future could look like, given what we know today.

Bright Cape's quickscan

Are you ready to take the next step in your data journey? Our quickscan will give you insight into the areas where you can improve.

With the results from the analysis, our experts in data science, data engineering, data analytics, process mining and human-data interaction will be happy to help you make the right choices to make the best use of your data.

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Innovation as a basis for new data solutions

Bright Cape is continuously developing new data science solutions. We do this together with companies, universities, and knowledge institutions to create both technologically advanced and practically applicable solutions. In this way, we can also remain the guide in the Data Science landscape. Interested in innovating with us to solve existing or future process bottlenecks? We would love to hear from you!

Discover some of our innovation projects

SARA: taking care of each other together

SARA, the social and autonomous robotic health assistant, emerged from one of our first innovative projects. One of the goals of this robot is to create a better work balance for healthcare professionals. With the increased workload on healthcare professionals as a consequence of the shortage of caretakers, SARA can provide support when and where necessary. Secondly, the robot aims to improve the quality of life for resident clients in nursing homes and hospitals. SARA provides personal attention, specialized care, behavior analysis, and mediation management.

SIA – your Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant for Manufacturing

SIA provides AI services to help your production process reach Industry 4.0. It is built as a modular platform to optimize operational processes within factories. SIA augments users’ know-how to timely intervene and increase operational performance. Several use case examples are predicting product quality, automatic reporting & visualization of important data, smart maintenance, or process flow optimization.

OWL - Full-service solution automating the movement of goods

OWL (Optimizing Warehousing and Logistics) is a full-service solution automating the movement of goods throughout the logistic chain. With OWL you can optimize and automate logistic processes using smart robotics, last-mile delivery solutions, intelligent planning techniques, and machine learning algorithms.

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