Cookie statement

Cookie statement

Cookies are small (text) files stored on cell phones, tablets and PCs. These files store certain data from the websites you visit. Cookies can be placed for various purposes such as improving the website. Bright Cape ( uses cookies that are not traceable to a natural person or a specific PC/tablet/mobile phone. This ensures that personal data is not tracked and/or stored by the cookies.
Functional cookies are used for the Bright Cape website. These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly and thus ensure that the website is user-friendly for you as a visitor. You can think of remembering website preferences such as language. These cookies are automatically deleted by your browser as soon as you leave the site.

In addition, Bright Cape makes use of Google Analytics. This allows us to measure the following: number of visitors, number of sessions, session duration, when visitors come to the website, on which days, number of active visitors, country of origin, pages clicked on and with which device visitors view the website. Based on this data, we can optimize our site and make it more user-friendly. We have completely anonymized the cookies from Google Analytics, so no consent is required.


The requirements set forth by the Personal Data Authority are:
Accept the “Data Processing Amendment.
Block the inclusion of full IP addresses and also force SSL
Turn off data sharing with Google
Inform your visitors in a cookie statement about your use of Google Analytics

You can disable the use of cookies at any time through your browser settings and by deleting the cookies already stored on your computer. Disabling cookies does affect your use of the websites. It may result in some functions of the websites not functioning properly.

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Last change: 01-09-2019