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    At Bright Cape we breathe data. No matter how experienced you are with data analytics, Bright Capers know just what to do to help you increase revenue, drive down costs and streamline processes. We have expert knowledge in Analytics & Applied Data Science, Data Driven Experience Design, Process Mining Center of Excellence and Innovative Products. 
    We achieve our goals by providing a full-service solution: data analytics & science projects from A to Z. Our extensive experience with data analytics & science, experience design, process optimization, customer journey mining, pragmatic business value and our long list of reference customers make this possible. Our solutions have created success in different domains, including Manufacturing, Purchasing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Finance and Marketing & Sales. 

    Interested to know more? Get in touch and we'll gladly discuss the endless possibilities of data analytics! 
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    Analytics & Applied Data Science

    Organizations nowadays collect loads of data, sometimes without even realizing it. Our business analysts and data scientists have all the know-how to extract the maximum value from your data. 

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    Data Driven Experiences

    How to improve the way people experience your services and products? We guide you in the delivery of a seamless and unparalleled experience to your customers. 

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    Process Mining

    With process mining we investigate to what extent reality matches your designed processes using data that is already being logged by your systems. The goal? Decreasing costs and increasing profitability.

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    Innovative products

    The field of data analytics continuously evolves, and Bright Cape is operating at the frontline conducting multiple innovation projects per year. We translate scientific findings to cutting-edge data solutions.

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    Latest News & Blogs

    May 8th, 2020

    The learnings of Celosphere LIVE 2020

    As a partner of Celonis we attended Celosphere 2020, the biggest process mining event of the year.

    April 28th, 2020

    Celosphere 2020 x Live

    Due to COVID-19 Celosphere 2020 turned into a 3 day webevent. In short time they created an enormous web event.

    April 24th, 2020

    Introducing VIPO

    Computer vision and AI to improve customer knowledge and user experience for retail and fashion brands

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