OWL - Full-service solution automating the movement of goods

OWL (Optimizing Warehousing and Logistics) is a full-service solution automating the movement of goods throughout the logistic chain. With OWL you can optimize and automate logistic processes using smart robotics, last-mile delivery solutions, intelligent planning techniques, and machine learning algorithms.

With the full solution, OWL can realize a reduction in operating expenses, increase process efficiency, and optimize resource utilization.

Increase Throughput

e.g. 46% reduction in walking distance for pickers

Increase Utilization

e.g. 50% reduction in the amount of picking carts needed to fulfill the same amount of orders

Reduce Operating Expenses

e.g. 1 FTE saved by implementing slotting and batching

How does OWL work?

OWL uses an interconnected architecture in a way that different modules can be implemented based on the specific needs of your organization. In a nutshell, this is what OWL does:

  1. OWL retrieves existing + new data from Web Map Service (WMS).
  2. OWL analyses key parameters & autonomously adjusts optimal algorithms to provide the most optimal solutions.
  3. Solutions are fed back into a user-friendly interface that provides valuable information

Why OWL?

OWL will help you automate your warehouse, optimize your logistics processes or make a last mile delivery more sustainable. Its implementation is beneficial to your organization because it will aid in the following aspects of your business:

  Increasing customer demand
  Growing vacancies for the logistics segment
  Request for real-time insights
  Fear of lacking innovation
  Cost efficiency

OWL can give you the savings you need to become a more profitable organization and gain more transparency in your processes. Request a demo today!