SIA – your Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant for Manufacturing

SIA provides AI services to help your production process reach Industry 4.0. It is built as a modular platform to optimize operational processes within factories. SIA augments users’ know-how to timely intervene and increase operational performance. Several use case examples are predicting product quality, automatic reporting & visualization of important data, smart maintenance, or process flow optimization.

Four elements are always at the heart of our solution: increase sustainability, increase revenue, decrease costs and increase process efficiency.

How does SIA work?

SIA improves products & production processes within Manufacturing. In a nutshell, this is what SIA does:

  1. SIA retrieves existing + new data from existing infrastructure​
  2. SIA analyses key parameters & autonomously adjusts optimal algorithms to predict future situations​
  3. Predictions are fed back into a user-friendly interface that provides valuable information for anyone to enable timely intervention​

What can SIA mean for your organization?

SIA is at the core of making your organization more profitable, efficient, and competitive. It increases all factors of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)​

  • Availability. e.g. by clear process insights​
  • Performance. e.g. by automation & reduction of bottlenecks​
  • Quality. e.g. by allowing users to timely adapt the process​

Learn more about SIA and calculate your return on investment in 5 easy steps with our calculator!