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We are always looking for new data challenges

At Bright Cape, we breathe data. No matter how experienced you are with data analytics, Bright Capers know exactly what to do to help you increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline processes. We have expert knowledge in Analytics & Applied Data Science, Data Driven Experience Design, Process Mining Center of Excellence and innovative products. We love a challenge, so we invent, create and implement the right solution for the right problem using the latest innovations in data. Our solutions have proven success in the following areas: Industry, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Finance and Marketing & Sales.

Our people

A company culture like no other

About Bright Cape - Our mission is to support you in using your data for good and stay ahead of the curve

We take pleasure in our work very seriously

Bright Cape's employees are very diverse. What do we share? Our enthusiasm and excitement, our drive and eagerness to learn new things, and above all: a positive way of thinking. For Bright Capers, culture is very much valued and important. We have quarterly team outings, monthly VrijMiBo's, a Christmas celebration every year, a family day and above all: our famous, annual ski trip.

The building blocks of our Bright Cape culture

Dynamic work atmosphere

At Bright Cape, we love dynamism. We switch quickly between various large and smaller projects and their challenges.

Proactive thinkers

Bright Capers are proactive about finding the best data solution for your business.

Explorers mentality

A Bright Caper loves to explore and build on the most demanding challenge.


At Bright Cape, we always follow the latest innovations, which keeps us on our toes.


From idea to solution, we will guide your company on its journey from start to finish.


At Bright Cape, we are always curious about the next challenge.

Think big, start small. Stop overthinking and just do it!

Luuk Swinkels

Controller at Bright Cape


Our innovative mindset: a proven ingredient of our success!

Data science capabilities are getting bigger, better and easier. Not always the easiest task for companies to keep up with all the changes. Fortunately, Bright Cape is perfectly equipped to take you by the hand from the simplest to the most difficult solutions that make your business critical problems disappear like snow in the sun. We can do that with the latest methods and techniques, but always with a fit-for-purpose solution.

Innovation as the basis for new data solutions

Bright Cape is continuously developing new data science solutions. We do this together with companies, universities and knowledge institutions to create both technologically advanced and practically applicable solutions. This way we can also remain the guide in the Data Science landscape. Interested in innovating with us to solve existing or future process bottlenecks? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover some of our innovation projects

SARA Robotics, we care together

SARA's goal is to create a better quality of life for both care professionals and their clients. The robot works as a social entity in nursing homes and hospitals to improve the quality of care. We do this by developing together with the client, because only then you know what is really needed to make a difference.


Dronesurance is a complete insurance solution that allows insurers to offer on-demand drone insurance to their customers. In doing so, the turnkey solution Dronesurance responds directly to the changing dynamics of the drone market. Dronesurance includes a risk model to determine mass market premiums based on predictive analytics, a platform to handle insurance applications and claims processing, and an application for the drone pilot himself to purchase this insurance.

How it all began...

Bright Cape is a story of discovery and navigation in the fascinating world of data.

Discovering new worlds behind every cape

Since 2010, we saw the vastly growing new technologies around us continuously create new and exciting business opportunities in every industry. In 2014, we trusted our inner compass and started to make our way in discovering these new worlds for ourselves. We pioneered our way through the world of data engineering, trusting on our expertise and experience, and started our Bright Cape journey.

From the first day on, we aim to fill the gap for our clients between science and reality. Since 2014, we have invested to bring data-driven insights, multidisciplinary expertise and talent to businesses tackling small and big data challenges. We do so by creating custom-made, as well as standardized data solutions that are applicable, scalable and lasting.

Partnerships and innovation

2015 had a rocket-like start. In a short period of time, our organization grew from zero to eight employees. We expanded our expertise from solely data engineering towards data science and advanced data analytics. Process mining became one of our main tools to help companies cut back on inefficiencies and improve business processes. It will come as no surprise, we therefore became the very first partner of SAS and Celonis in the Benelux.

In addition, we partnered up with EIT Digital, giving us access the European market for several successful innovation projects, such as:

  • SIA (Smart Industry Assistant),
  • SARA (Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant),
  • DroneSurance, UAV Retina (Unmanned Air Vehicles), and
  • OWL Logistics (Optimizing Warehousing and Logistics)

Data-driven Experiences and Human Data Interaction

Our company proposition became even stronger and more unique with the addition of human-centred methodologies through our expertise in Human Data Interaction (HDI), former Data-driven Experiences (DDEX). This expansion of our core approach has been giving us the tools, techniques and opportunities to combine user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) with data science. This way, we ensure our solutions to solve the right problems for the right people at the right time.

Platinum partner of Celonis for process mining

From 2018, Bright Cape grew and professionalized even further. Our process mining implementations sky-rocked. On top of that, in 2021 achieved the status of Platinum Sales and Implementation partner for Celonis in Europe.

Looking ahead

Our team of experts keeps on growing, our consulting expertise is improving, and we are loving it. From 2018 and up, we could not fit our entire team in the same hotel for our ski-trip. For us? A huge milestone.

From here, the only way is up. We will continue our path from good to great, further building on our dream to make the world more sustainable, by creating and implementing data solutions that are lasting. Together with our people and our clients, we challenge ourselves to inspire, change and guide others towards success in their data journey.

October 2014 And so it begins: Bright Cape was founded, with a focus on data engineering
March 2015 Our first employee starts

From this month on, we seized the opportunity to grow our employee count from one, to eight by the end of 2015.

2015 Partnering with SAS and Celonis

As the very first company in the Benelux, Bright Cape becomes a valued partner of Celonis.

2017 Partnering with EIT Digital

Bright Cape becomes partner of EIT Digital, a European platform for ICT innovations.

2018 Expanding our management team

The management team is further expanded and professionalized.

2019 Becoming Platinum Celonis partner

Bright Cape is rewarded as first platinum sales partner of Celonis.

July 2019 Expansion beyond borders: UK

Bright Cape expands into the United Kingdom.

December 2020 SARA Robotics: From innovation to new start-up

Due to many successes, our innovation project SARA Robotics becomes a stand-alone and separate B.V.

January 2021 Growing amount of employees

At the start of 2021, Bright Cape has more than 40 employees.

Using quantitative and qualitative data to provide the right products to the right people.

Sam Vonk

Human Data Interaction Consultant at Bright Cape

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