Future-proof your organization with Demand Forecasting

Bright Cape can take your company processes to the next level by supporting and optimizing based on forecasting. Relying on forecasting, we can predict future sales movements based on historical data points, observed patterns, and deducted relationships between variables that are relevant to your product or service.

A lack of tangible insights into future developments creates challenges across your entire organization

Demand forecasting is all about constructing the future. Extreme events, such as the pandemic, but also slow-moving processes like climate change, could seriously impact your companies’ business and lead to severe disruptions in your supply chain.

Using advanced forecasting techniques, early warning signals of such crises can be picked up and acted upon. By understanding which factors drive demand, your company can model several scenarios and their impact on the value chain.

Forecasting can give valuable insights into your customer demand and makes it easier to adapt to change

With forecasting, we create a data-driven construct of what the future could look like, given what we know today. This image gives you and your company better understanding of what is driving customer demand today, what has driven it in the past, and how these factors are likely to evolve in the future. This way, your company gains the insights it needs to timely adapt to change.

More accurate demand forecasting drives better downstream demand plans to boost profits, customer satisfaction, and synchronization

Do large amounts of buffer stocks in your supply chain lead to high costs and lack of space? Is your company facing irregular demand patterns? And does your company struggle to deal with these fluctuating demands, leading to loss of customer satisfaction or an inefficient supply chain?

Demand forecasting can bring you the future information you need. More accuracy in demand planning can boost your customer satisfaction, create higher efficiency within your supply chain and eventually lead to more profit.

Together with your industry experts, we generate accurate forecasts by combining relevant industry and economic data with carefully chosen advanced prediction models. We always look for the best approach that fit your customer and business needs.

Demand Forecasting is truly cross-functional: it can generate value throughout all business functions of the organization

Demand forecasting can add value in all kind of business functions across your organization, some examples:

Operations & Supply Chain Management

  Improve operational control.
•  Boost inventory and production planning efficiency.
  Lower supply chain cost and your companies’ carbon footprint.
  Increase your service levels and customer satisfaction.

Strategy Office

  Boost the accuracy of resource planning.
  Improve risk assessment.
  Model industry developments.
  Give valuable insights into the effects of external market trends.

Accounting & Finance

  Raise the accuracy of financial statements.
  Enhance the efficiency of budget allocations.
  Improve methods for scenario analysis.

Research and Development

  Create possibilities to launch the right product, for the right people at the right time.
  Guide your investment decisions towards the research of promising, emerging products.
  Shorten your time-to-market ratio.

Sales & Marketing

  Improve your targeted customer development.
  Insight into the effect of different marketing strategies on future demand and sales.
  Get a grip on emerging trends within the market and their change over time.

Get in control of your future demands with forecasting

Increased Accuracy

•  Improved response to market
•  Accurate resource planning

Higher Efficiency
•  Inventory & production planning
•  Throughput time and waste reduction

Lower Costs
•  Balance inventory and supply chain costs without harming customer satisfaction
•  Lower procurement costs through optimal use of discounts

More Control

•  Operational control by demand planning
•  Advanced methods for scenario analysis

Competitive Edge
•  Modelling industry developments
•  Targeted customer development

Curious how we did it? 

Because it works – our forecasting engines have been developed by domain experts and are approved by industry leaders. Read some of our results in various industries below.

High-Tech Industry

We achieved high forecasting accuracy by supplementing external market data, using a combination of classical and advanced forecasting techniques into one robust and explainable approach.
•  Forecast accuracy above 90% for 6 quarters ahead in time.
•  Quicker results for decision making, from 2 weeks to 1 day.

Automotive industry

We ensured service levels for customers, using a more accurate demand forecasting framework.
•  Our forecasting framework ensured higher accuracy and versatility.
•  Improved service levels for 80% of products across the company.

Food Industry

Bright Cape created a competitive edge by predicting competitors’ promotional activities in the food industry.
•  Provided added insights by predicting competitor’s promotions.
•  Improved accuracy of predictions by 60% by supplementing forecasted competitor’s promotions data.

Do you want to take your supply chain to the next level by integrating demand forecasting in to your business processes?