Case studies

Clients from every industry, all around the world, are searching for solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and achieve breakthrough performance. Please take a look at a selection of our customer success stories.

Customer Intelligence | Finance

Enabling data intelligence at a bank through a centralized data platform on Azure 

Bulk Transport Solutions | Logistics

Increase business performance of a logistic player by using a probabilistic pricing engine

Operations | Telecom

Anomaly detection solution to prevent chipset failure in telecommunication network systems

Operations | Machinery & equipment

Creating insights in machinery performance & enabling failure analysis

User Enablement | Operations

Process Mining embedment creates sustainable knowledge growth throughout your company

Establishing a Center of Excellence | Operations

Process mining as a bank-wide capability by setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) with the help of the Process Mining Task Force.

Know Your Customer (KYC) | Finance

Enhance the risk & control framework while achieving cost reduction

Detecting Financial Crime | Finance

Total Process Mining Enablement

Know Your Customer

Regain control over your customer due diligence process

Asset management | Solar energy

Creating a prediction framework for solar energy production locations

Logistic optimization | Pharmaceutical

Optimizing outbound supply chain design and processes to reduce transportation costs

Onboarding | Finance

Reducing onboarding time for business clients through cross departmental end-to-end process improvement

Operations | Agriculture

An optimization power play: enabling a tomato grower reduce energy costs by smart allocation of energy usage and production

BI Dashboarding | Retail & Beverages

Making faster and better strategic business decisions with data from user friendly dashboards

Know Your Customer (KYC) | Operations

Improving the operational performance management framework via cross-departmental end-to-end process monitoring

Back Office Processes | Finance

Monitoring and Improving processes on a daily basis

Monitoring | Healthcare

Enhancing customer value through dashboarding

Hedging | Finance

Reduce financial risks of foreign exchange hedging

Bright Cape helped us from insights to value by embedding process mining into our company, and learned us how to combine process mining and lean.

Jacco Tolman

Implementation manager at ABN AMRO

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