Process Mining can be used for any underperforming process in any industry.


Process mining techniques address challenges caused by a lack of visibility, insight, staff, and appropriate tools. It’s a part of business process management (BPM) that digs into a company’s software and uses data from your existing systems such as ERP and CRM. Therefore, it understands and sees processes’ performances and supports optimization activities in all kinds of business operations and functions.

What does process mining solve?

Workflows or processes that can be optimized by Bright Cape.

Process mining provides a transparent overview of (real-time) objective data and possibilities for root cause analysis. This way, it enables stakeholders from across the organization to collaborate based on a single source of truth. Process mining supports you to monitor ongoing business, continuously increase productivity, automate business processes, and drive strategic initiatives.

Examples of topics that can be solved due to process mining:

Auditing & compliance
Conformance checking
Operational excellence
Digital transformation

System migration
Customer journey

Where can Process Mining be applied?

Bright Cape supports different industries and business operations.

Process mining can be applied to any process you are operating to improve the end result. Process mining software has the perfect ability to mine nearly any type of data from almost any system. No matter if all this data is in multiple formats or across multiple systems. As long the activities are being logged with timestamps, process mining is the solution. Extracting data and visualizing the process means you are enabled to get in control of the process. This is why process mining is a versatile technique that can be used in any given industry or department for process monitoring or driving improvements:

Example of industries that can helped due to process mining:

Finance & Banking Operations

Improve KYC

Logistics & Warehousing

Improve supply chain
In-and outbound processes
Picking processes

Production & Manufacturing

Maintenance processes
Production processes
Picking processes

Bright Cape has knowledge of several industries, by knowing the general objectives, we can help your company.

Are there any advantages when using process mining?

Thrive in the outcomes you care about.

Get complete transparency

✓ Analyze and uncover relations.
See hidden differences between topics e.g. departments, suppliers, getting a deeper understanding of the problem and its causes.

✓ Get a 100% objective view.
Get real-time view of your processes based on the data in your IT systems, to find and fix inefficiencies without argument.

✓ Get to value validation quickly and easily.

Get a grip on your profitability

✓ Make data-driven suggestions.
Get expected ROI with full, objective visibility into your process gaps and how to fix them - driving stakeholder buy-in and alignment.

✓ Prioritize the order of activities.
Give yourself the chance of finding the optimal path of performing a process. Eventually, this will yield a higher ROI.

✓ Quantify the impact of your process gaps.

✓ Demonstrate value before and after implementing an improvement.

Get control of time

✓ Eliminate efforts on the frequency of events.
Reduce throughput time on your workforce by simplifying the process.

✓ Drive actionable KPI targets.
Improve KPIs by aligning the right process, roles, and departments across departmental corporations. The objective is to come up with an optimal structure for the organizational resources and units.

✓ Strategically redirect energy and resources usage.
Prioritize and direct energy and resources as needed by quantifying the impact of process gaps on business outcomes and maximize impact on process approval.

✓ Deliver value quickly and cost effectively.
Process mining is up-and-running in 30 days and allows you a short time-to-value.

Can you give an example of where process mining could be used?

Problems solved with process mining.

Many systems that don’t cooperate well

Businesses rely on dozens of systems and complex infrastructures which makes it extremely difficult to monitor the end-to-end process within on department or even over several departments. Process mining can break down the silos that separate different types of data and bring them all together into one dataset.

Large complex ever-growing data sets

The ever-growing volume of data from internal networks, connected devices, websites and many other systems is creating new and rapidly expanding challenges. Process Mining is able to process these enormous amounts of data. This offers the possibility to create an overall picture and to zoom in on a specific event to gain insight into the details

High human effort for processing data

Without decent databases most organizations spend hours converting data into spreadsheets and creating formulas to make sense, only to realize they’re not delivering real business value. In addition to discovering data, process mining can help you leverage data to make fact-based decisions with minimal human effort.

Unclear and unreliable reporting at its finest

Monitor the new changes of implementations and your rework. Are there any differences? Are you getting the performance lift you expected? Advanced process mining solutions will continuously monitor and measure the results, so you’ll be the first to know if you’re on track or off base. Plus, you get a full audit trail for compliance purposes.

Changes can be difficult for employees

Change management is important to ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and without issues. Employees need to understand why the changes are happening and what it means for them. Process mining is a technology that will enable this change by providing a precise diagnosis of the reality on the ground and the actions and efforts that need to be taken to achieve an objective.

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