Human Data Interaction: creating data-driven solutions that make data understandable to people

Humanising business processes and data science solutions through human-data interaction

At Bright Cape, we put people first. We ensure that our data solutions seamlessly fit the needs and wishes of both your organization and the people who have to work with the product or process on a daily basis.

As strategic designers with data affinity, we mainly focus on challenges in the optimization of complex business processes and back office applications. We make problems visible, trace pain points, and map out requirements in a data-driven way. We combine the power of data analytics with methods and techniques from customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) research and design.

Using data-driven insights and analysis, we help your organization to set up processes efficiently, action-oriented, and user-friendly. That is how we add lasting value to your organization.

"We connect data and technology with people to ensure our solutions meet the real needs of our customers and their employees"

The right questions to the right people at the right time

Our consultants see the bigger picture. Together, we will look at what will help you best. By first determining what you want to use data for and making a plan based on that, or by brainstorming about the possibilities with data within your company.

We go to work step by step: we make an inventory of your data, systems, and business processes and map out the coherence in a clear manner. We ask the right questions to the right people at the right moment. We think along with you technically, but also facilitate the necessary interaction and dynamics within your organization. This enables us to set up large and complex information structures, but also to involve all necessary stakeholders in the process in the right way.

By focusing on people, your organization immediately takes an important step towards change management. With a part of your organization already as ambassadors of your product and your process, you directly contribute to a larger support base in your organization for your product or service.

"Our experts combine the power of data with user experience research and design to create user-friendly solutions based on real data."

Tangible and measurable results

Our experts combine the power of data with user experience research and design to create user-friendly solutions based on real data. For example, we make sure to measure the impact of our work for you with various performance metrics. In this way, we not only bring you new insights but also the tangible results of our work as completely and validly as possible.

We combine design methodologies with data analytics to create solutions that are supported by your entire organization

Every case is customized. Based on the specific situation of your organization, we deploy appropriate methods and techniques from customer experience (CX), user experience (UX) research, and design and psychology. To reinforce these insights, we make actual human behavior on processes measurably clear via process mining, (web) analytics, logging systems, and more. In this way, you as an organization gain insight into the actual processes and the needs and behavior of users, and we work together towards a solution that is supported by your entire organization.

How can we help you?

Is your company looking to get more value out of its data, but does it need direction on how to do so? Is there an existing product that you would like to adopt and roll out as effectively as possible? Or do you want to make a tool or dashboard as user-friendly and meaningful as possible?

Our expertise in Human Data Interaction helps our clients make the connection between people, data, business, and technology that makes the difference:

  • Preventing unnecessary revisions, rework, and unnecessary costs by getting a clear picture of for whom and why you do what you do.
  • Defining valuable solution directions for your business problems with human-centered design methodologies
  • Increasing the support for the implementation of a solution within your organization
  • Increasing user satisfaction with products and services through increased efficiency, effectiveness, and an overall better user and customer experience
  • Optimization of business processes by putting people first and designing data and technology to meet human needs

Do you want to ensure that your business processes and products meet the actual needs of your employees?