How to use Process Mining to create value: insights and takeaways from Celonis World Tour 2023

Bright Cape attended the Celonis World Tour 2023 in Amsterdam, a roadshow bringing together industry leaders, business titans, and the world’s top experts in Process Mining and execution management. It was an amazing event and an opportunity to chat with old colleagues, current customers, bump into familiar faces and meet new ones. This day was a great moment for discussing visions on Process Mining, reflect on everyone’s individual Process Mining journey, and, most importantly, sharing the successes we achieve and some struggles we might have in common. 

The lineup of keynote speakers was spread across different industries, e.g. banking & finance, telecommunication, life-science, and healthcare, showing the diversity of environments where Process Mining can be applied and its agility to adapt to multiple specific cases when it comes to creating value in daily operations. We received valuable insights from the newest developments in Process Mining and real-life customer stories on how they started their value journey.

From presentations and speakers representing ABN AMRO, DSM, Rabobank, Akzo Nobel, T-Mobil, and Celonis itself, we extracted key highlights and lessons. The world tour is also used as a platform to share new developments in the still growing Process Mining science such as OCPM (Object Centric Process Mining) and in the Celonis software. We summarized these insights for you to read.


When we bring multiple teams together for discussion and ultimately decision making, imagine a Netflix series. Each team watches 1 episode of the series, but none of them watch the same one. Each team then gives the 10 second trailer for their one episode to their senior executive. The executives get together based on the trailer they have seen and try to make a decision about what the next series should be.”

Rachita Singh on current KPI reporting practice within businesses

Customer Operations Transformation Leader at AkzoNobel

The highlights from the Celonis World tour 2023

New developments from Celonis

Afrida Mahbub - Director Demo Experience at Celonis

Started and showed us what your business can look like. Celonis is engineered to find value top-down and bottom-up for process optimization. It is a team sport. Celonis enables analysts and managers to extract insights about objects and events taking data privacy and applicable GDPR regulations into account. It starts with a fast and efficient data integration and manages the data pipeline. After successfully loading the data you have access to the living breathing view of your process.

Divya Krishnan - Vice President Product Marketing at Celonis

Introduced the launch of the new Object Centric Process Mining software, which revolutionizes the field by transitioning from 2D to 3D. This innovative approach provides a simple, system-agnostic, and flexible expanded data foundation. This release stands at the core of their mission which is to deliver fast and substantial value by improving the performance of core business processes.

Bright Cape’s highlights and takes on Celonis, ABN AMRO, DSM, Rabobank, Akzo Nobel and T-Mobil in this game-changing day

Celonis: Besides the Object Centric Process Mining (OCPM) application, Celonis launched a Model for PQL Generation: in the near future you can ask Celonis what you want to know and get the answer you need, as in a Chat GPT style. This means by simply typing a query like “show me the monthly income of department X in a column chart and add a trend line,” the platform automatically generates the desired visualization.

This capability to effortlessly obtain tailored insights is truly impressive. Once it becomes accessible, we are eager to put it to the test and thoroughly review its capabilities.



  Using accurate definitions and validating data before drawing conclusions based on only reporting.

+ Business users with no data background can get the quick insights they are looking for.

+ OCPM enables to perform insight on not just one single process but on the entire organization.



“It is great to see that Celonis revealed new features enabling Object Centric Process Mining. The technique for sure will be a game changer in the industry enabling mining not just one single process but an entire business! I cannot wait to be able to play with it and see the novel use cases it will give rise to as anticipated by Wil van der Aalst.

Katrin Kostova, Senior Process  Mining  Consultant  at Bright Cape

ABN AMRO: Jaap Richter, Business Developer Process Design DFC, explained that, in order to tackle compliance and operational use cases effectively, the insight and expertise of Celonis partners professionals is crucial. They play a vital role in driving effective business intelligence, but the biggest challenge lies in finding the right talent for these roles. It is essential to identify individuals who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

He also added that transitioning from a non-data-driven profile to a data-driven one can be a significant change for those involved in process improvement. It requires a shift in mindset and a willingness to embrace data-driven approaches. This transition is still ongoing, but at the processes that are over to the new way of working, the bank is already enjoying the benefits of data-driven decision making.




  • Generate a clear understanding of the Celonis platform capabilities
  • Driving effective business intelligence

DSM: Freek van den Broek, Digital Business Optimization Lead, works at a global company that has changed from the Dutch State Mines to a life-sciences and food production company. DSM conveyed that through their merger with Firmenich, they have transformed and diversified into beauty & healthcare products.

After 4 years, they have onboarded their standard Finance processes such as O2C, P2P, AP, and AR. By starting with small standardized processes they achieved early wins and tangible successes at the beginning of the project in order to gain support and approval from key stakeholders within an organization. They also intend to expand the Celonis usage to their counterpart and be able to steer processes in a data-driven fact-oriented way.



  • Deliver early wins to get business buy-in
  • Get to the facts, and be confident sharing them
  • Create a coalition, and unleash hidden value together

Rabobank: Frank van Geffen, Process Mining Lead with Rabobank, shared how their data analytics team started out executing work very manually which was labor intensive. He did Process Mining experiments with Wil van der Aalst, the “Godfather of Process Mining”. After proving value and together with Bright Cape as a partner, they successfully launched the centralization of this capability last June.



  • Improve your intuition with data driven facts
  • Focus on what will create the most value for you
  • Bring in the right partners at the right time


“I was beyond proud to receive a shout–out from Frank van Geffen during his keynote about the success of enabling process mining within Rabobank. In the past year and a half, we have developed as a center of enablement and have started to expand its capabilities to a broader audience. From mortgages, to know your customer, and from business lending to payments, processes are at the core of every organization and being able to make an impact is what we all strive for.”

Maurits Akkerman, Team Lead & Senior Process Mining Consultant at Bright Cape

Akzo Nobel: Rachita Singh, Transformation Lead, Integrated Supply Chain CoE, is an expert in reporting mindset versus mining mindset, highlights the need to disrupt the traditional monthly KPI reporting practice. She pleedes that a Celonis licence is like having a Ferrari in the garage. It is a shame not to take it out for a ride! The same holds for Celonis and Process Mining, it is meant to be used for continuous monitoring. This is an opportune moment to embrace a new approach.

She advises selecting a specific use case that is relatively straightforward and intuitive, and fully committing to its implementation. By focusing on this use case, progress can be observed and a pipeline for further improvements can be built. It is essential to carefully choose an implementation partner who can support and guide the process effectively. 




  • Select understandable and manageable use cases
  • Create a base and establish best practices
  • Choose an implementation partner with Industry background knowledge

T-Mobile: Jose Sanchez, Lead Commercial Analyst,  mentioned their goal to reduce waste calls at T-Mobile. First, they wanted to understand why waste calls happen. They gathered all web and app data plus billing information. By analyzing the data and realizing customers cannot access app features to their full potential, they took corrective action and reduced waste calls by 30%.

For the next three years T-Mobile has set forth a vision to establish a center of excellence that unlocks existing value within the organization and reduces resource constraints. Their ambition is to foster a culture that promotes expertise from the bottom up, aiming to evangelize and empower more experts within the organization. By doing so, T-Mobile seeks to tap into untapped potential and create a more collaborative and knowledgeable workforce.



  • Realizing untapped value generating high cost savings
  • Respond effectively to evolving market dynamics or customer needs
  • Enhancing organizational roll out for Process Mining capabilities



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