ABN AMRO’s secret to E2E Process improvement & Value Creation

Customer Succes Story

One of our most recent success stories is ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. Over the previous 4 years, we have provided data-driven insights into the E2E processes and operations by implementing Celonis as a Process mining analysis tool. In this specific project, we used Celonis to help identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement, leading to more streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and better customer experiences in return. To show you why you should use Process mining in your own organization, we want to take you on a journey, in which we give more detail through the ABN AMRO use case.

In today’s digital age, banks and financial institutions are faced with an increasing demand for personalized and efficient customer experiences, while also dealing with being compliant and pressure to reduce costs. A Process mining end-to-end (E2E) approach can help meet these challenges by focusing on the entire value chain, from front-end customer interactions to back-end operations and infrastructure. In this way, banks can focus on building a robust and secure technology infrastructure to support their operations and deliver a seamless customer experience.

At Bright Cape, we take pride in the value-centric E2E support we provide to our customers. The main goal of any project is to ensure that our customers get the most value out of their data. We provide our customers with the required services at the right time through our 4-E approach: we help them explore new opportunities, extract insights from their data, embed data science solutions, and educate their teams on best practices, in combination with our broad range of data capabilities. One of our specialties for which we do this is Process mining. Whether it’s the exploration of data and identifying its readiness to extract insights through Process mining or the need to know how to convince key stakeholders that process mining needs to be established as a strategic capability. We can support you along the way.

All five use cases of ABN AMRO involving examples of Process mining

1. Proof of Value (POV) at Operations

We explored the value of Process mining at two back-office departments, IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Care (CC). At Customer Care, we leveraged the capabilities of Process mining to guide the transition to a new workflow management system, and currently, CC is using Celonis not only to signal improvement opportunities but also to verify whether new processes are conforming to their design. These first use cases served as initial proof of the value of Process mining and of Bright Cape as a trusted and knowledgeable partner.

2. Strengthening Risk Framework

As banks are struggling more to gain control of their know-your-customer (KYC) processes, ABN AMRO used Process mining to improve their risk framework and prove their compliance with regulations to the authorities. ABN AMRO is ready to replace the manual sample-based assessments by implementing 100% end-to-end automated process monitoring.

3. Towards Operational Excellence

ABN AMRO uses Process mining to reach operational excellence. The real-time end-to-end insights gained by the team using Process mining provide a way to break with the silos, pinpoint bottlenecks and steer the day-to-day performance. Improving the operational performance management framework brings value across many KPIs as it results in cost reduction for the bank and improved experience for the client!

4. Embedding via a Center of Excellence

In order to further enhance the Process mining capability within the bank a centralized Center of Excellence (CoE) was established that can support any new business unit in starting its own Process mining journey. The CoE operates together with a task force that is dispatched dedicated to a new process to kick-start the analysis and guide the new department in its usage of process analytics. This makes for shorter onboarding and faster time to value!

5. Sustaining growth through user enablement

Finally, the Process mining adoption is only successful when the business as usual is properly enabled and trained. For this, we have developed a training curriculum supplementing the Celonis online courses with which we educate users from all ranks of the organization. In the case of ABN AMRO, we trained many business users and three federated teams of analysts. The federated teams are enabled to maintain and further develop the Process mining environment and train new business users. Role definition and responsibilities, and, more importantly, user enablement ensure sustainable growth of data-driven improvements through Process mining and acceleration of value realization.

Curious to know how Process Mining can help you achieve streamlined processes, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and get better customer experiences?

Get in touch with Paul Veendrick (Managing Director) and Maurits Akkerman (Team Lead Process Mining). We took pleasure in guiding ABN AMRO on their Process Mining journey, and see the value we helped them achieve.  We are passionate about process mining, dedicated to delivering the best possible value to our clients, and committed to helping them realize their goals. With our combined expertise in Process Mining, Analytics & Applied Data Science & Human-Centered Design, and our extensive domain knowledge in the finance, manufacturing and logistics & warehousing industries, Bright Cape can help you to stay ahead of the curve and optimize all your business processes and operations.