Upcoming event: FME AI for Industry Year Event 2023

What? FME AI for Industry Year Event 2023

When? 7 December 2023


We are gearing up for this next event at Perron 038, a place for the innovative manufacturing industry in the Zwolle region. The program of the AI for Industry Annual Event 2023 consists of both practical case studies of current applications of Artificial Intelligence, and a look to the future. The theme this year is “Working together on AI innovation and impact”. 

Join us at the breakout session, Machine Vision and other AI techniques for Quality Control, where our competence lead data science, Ionuț Barbu, will give an insightful presentation on “Product Quality Prediction through Data & AI”.  

Main challenges that Ionuț will address:  

  • How to increase production efficiency?  
  • What data is available for optimizing processes?  
  • Ensuring consistent product quality: What are the drivers?  


Curious to learn how we can support your organization in improving quality control or optimizing your operations? 

Please feel free to contact us for your particular challenge at hand. We are here to help you.