How I experience the culture at Bright Cape

Bente finished her studies at the beginning of the year 2021 and started her career as a Data Scientist at Bright Cape in April 2021. She studied Industrial Engineering and Data Science & Entrepreneurship, a handy combination of Business and Data Science. In a series of three blogs, she will share her stories in search of her first job and what it is like to be working as a Data Scientist here at Bright Cape. In this second blog, Bente dives more into the culture of Bright Cape and how she experiences it.

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Hey everyone, welcome back! After my first blog where I was looking for my first job, I have now been part of Bright Cape for a while already. For a year to be exact and I am still here J One of the most important reasons for this, is the culture within Bright Cape. I shortly touched upon this topic in my previous blog, but it is worth elaborating on this subject.

A second home

Your job will most likely take five days of your week, meaning that it is very important that it feels like a warm place, maybe even a second home. Bright Cape understands this very well and has taken steps to make you feel at home right from the beginning. It starts with your two official onboarding days. Besides a general introduction, you get presentations on all sorts of projects that colleagues have worked on or are working on. This enables you to already meet quite some colleagues in your first two days and ensures that in a short period of time you experience what Bright Cape stands for! These days can be quite full, but you will leave with a satisfied and happy feeling.

Following these days, the onboarding continues by having (digital) coffee moments. What is remarkable here is that there is no difference between your fellow data scientists and the senior management team. Everyone is open to getting to know you. And this feeling of connectedness between Bright Capers has its benefits throughout the whole organization. Jointly, we like to be committed to making improvements when we see opportunities. We celebrate our successes together, whether they are reached in projects or on personal aspects. Don’t be surprised when you receive a get-well-soon-card when you are feeling sick or a small present when you move 😉

“We celebrate our successes together, whether they are reached in projects or on personal aspects.”

– Bente Derks, Data Scientist


A buddy system: someone to rely on

Additionally, you will have a buddy for the first few months to help you with everything. Your buddy has at least one year of working experience at Bright Cape and is available for questions, providing informal support and helping you find your way in your new working environment in the first three months. You won’t have to feel any barrier to ask this person questions. Actually, the latter applies to every single Bright Caper. Personally, I found this a very nice initiative and it immediately contributed to making me feel comfortable in my new workplace.

Events to stay connected

And the good news is that the charming culture at Bright Cape does not stop after your onboarding. Despite Covid, every month we had digital speed dates to stay in touch with each other. Our online events (bingos, quizzes, etc.) were also very nice alternatives to see each other in a non-work-related vibe. And of course, real-life events are hard to replace. So we are extremely happy that the pandemic measures have been lifted so we can enjoy offline drinks together again. And because of this our annual ski trip finally took place and we had a blast!

Altogether, the culture at Bright Cape is a warm embrace from the start and I dare to guarantee that when you start with us you will feel the same way about it.


Want to join the club?

Are you perhaps thinking of starting as a data scientist with us but you still have questions regarding the atmosphere at Bright Cape, or something completely different? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I am glad to provide you with answers to get you going.


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