Serena Dorrestijn

Works at Bright Cape as
senior DDEX consultant
And really loves
Travelling, sailing and music

My name is Serena Dorrestijn, living in the beautiful Den Bosch with boyfriend and cat. My background is in Human Factors & Engineering Psychology (MSc.) and User System Interaction (PDEng). My interest in human reasoning combined with the need to be creative brought me to the field of User Experience (UX) Research & Design.

My interests lie with designing systems or products that truly support and enhance human performance. Why would we create products that do not match or fit the needs of our users? Currently I’m focusing on innovating with UX Research & Data Science to deliver the best experiences possible to clients and enabling companies to measure their own efforts and success on the area of Experience Design. This is how the methodology and department of Data Driven Experiences (DDEX) came to be. Exciting times lie ahead!

Next to my work I can often be found on the water. Sailing is the way for me to clear my head and take a step back. Why worry at all when surrounded by a beautiful sea?