Sanne van der Linden

Picture of Sanne
Works at Bright Cape as
Data-Driven Experience Consultant & Front End Developer
And really loves
(beach) volleyball, meeting with friends and traveling

I am Sanne van der Linden, a Data Driven UX (DDEX) and junior front-end developer at Bright Cape. I am currently also still doing my masters in Computer Science and Industrial Design at the TU/e. I am focusing on data visualization. Through visualizations data can be analyzed by users, from the visualizations patterns and human behavior can be discovered which can be used as input for design and software solutions or just to give the user insights. I started working at Bright Cape to see how data is used in the business world and learn from this, instead of only discussing it at the university.    

Further, I live in Eindhoven in a small apartment together with my boyfriend. We have two small birds as pets. As a hobby I play (beach) volleyball and I like to spend time with my friends. Moreover, I like to travel and see as many places as possible in the world.