Rachel van Berlo

Picture of Rachel
Works at Bright Cape as
Data-Driven Experience Consultant

Hi! My name is Rachel and I work at Bright Cape as a DDEX Consultant. I hold both a BSc and MSc in Industrial Design from the University of Technology Eindhoven. After going to Vancouver Canada to write my master thesis as a visiting researcher, I returned to Eindhoven to work in a city filled with high tech innovation & design. 

What I enjoy most about design is that it can serve two purposes: Firstly, by designing we can look at a problem from different angles using an array of creative methods. Secondly, it can bring to light emerging (societal) problems. At Bright Cape I like to be involved with the first: developing new products based on the latest technology, while keeping in mind why? and who we are designing for: people.  

In my spare time I enjoy bouldering or spending time in nature. Next to that I am currently learning to play -and listening to a lot of- jazz music on piano.