Mike Schoenaker

Works at Bright Cape as
Data-driven Business Analyst
And really loves
Handball, Waterpolo, Travelling, Festivals & good food

I am Mike, graduated as Master in International Business in the direction of Supply Chain Management at Maastricht University. My talent and passion are not only with the translation of enormous amounts of data into management information, but also lies in helping to set up improvement processes for different customers. Because of my background in Supply Chain Management and my experience as Solutions Engineer, I never focus on just one link in the chain, but always try to look at the entire chain.

My experiences in playing handball at premier league level gave me discipline and team spirit and my travels to Sweden and Australia opened my eyes for other countries and cultures. I am a social person who likes to help teams or persons to a higher level with my analytical and social qualities and look at the broader picture. Through my experiences within purchase, sales and solutions engineering I am broadly employable.