Luuk Jeuken

Works at Bright Cape as
And really loves
Travelling with the family

My name is Luuk Jeuken and I’m an entrepreneur since 2004. After my study Mechanical Engineering I started working in the posting and recruitment branch. In this position I worked for both the service industry as well as high-tech companies. I’m involved with Bright Cape as a founding shareholder since 2014.

In 2004 I founded the TMC Group with my current associate Roy Roosen and 2 other entrepreneurs. This is a consultancy & engineering organisation which we grew into an organisation of 600 people in 5 years’ time. In 2006 we successfully requested a market listing.

In 2009, Roy and I founded GGD investments together. A participation fund that involves a dozen of companies and employs about 900 people. Approximately 650 clients are served from within these companies.

I think it’s fantastic to undertake a substantive challenge with entrepreneurs and colleagues where the basis is formed by innovation, entrepreneurship, passion and a strong (social) open culture. I’m a committed, long-term shareholder who gains a lot of pleasure from fulfilling a connecting role towards the network, both in- and outside the GGD investments organisation. I also gain lots of pleasure from travelling and being active in sports with my family.