Kees van het Maalpad

Works at Bright Cape as
DDEX Consultant
And really loves
Dance music, Iceland/snow, movies, shooting videos and IoT


My name is Kees van het Maalpad, and I work at Bright Cape as a DDEX Consultant. From childhood, I was fascinated by new technology and disassembled a lot of computers and phones — pretty much everything that runs on electricity (to the great annoyance of my parents at that time). Nowadays, people always know where to find me when something needs to be fixed. At the age of eleven, I started developing websites, and after high school, I decided to follow a Media Design program in Vlissingen to broaden my designing and front-end programming skills. After graduating, I followed an International Media and Entertainment Management program at Breda University. In 2018, I graduated my Masters at Tilburg University as a Data Scientist.

At Bright Cape, I find solutions for innovative and cutting-edge business cases. My focus is on optimising the user experience, whereby the collection, processing and visualisation of data streams are central. By combining different (user-)data, we can predict, influence, and optimise the behaviour of both users and processes. In the end, when a solution works, it always gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction to face new challenges.

I love spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends, and go to the gym regularly. In the weekends, I like to go out to visit new cities within or outside the Netherlands, as well as to cycle through some pristine nature from time to time.