Joost Hessels

Works at Bright Cape as
Data Scientist
And really loves
Victories of Willem II, strong coffee, beer tastings and ‘kantineklassiekers’ music.


Joost Hessels, nice to meet you! Born and raised in Tilburg and I’m currently still living there. I started studying at the HAN in Arnhem where I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Product Design. As a result of my passion for football complemented with the interest in football data and match statistics, I became enthusiastic for Data Science. Hence, I became enthusiastic for the Master Data Science: Business and Governance. I graduated among others due to my thesis, which read as follows: “Improving the prediction of soccer match results by means of Machine Learning”. 

At Bright Cape, I try to contribute to innovation and technology projects as Junior Data Scientist. Personally, I hope to develop my skills in a Data Science perspective as well as in a broad way. Bright Cape provides me the opportunity to experience various types of projects within a pleasant open-minded working environment. Data Analytics, pre-processing data, Machine Learning and Data Visualization are aspects of Data Science that I really enjoy. 

It probably won't surprise you that I like to play football in my spare time. Furthermore, I'm a passionate fan of my favorite football club Willem II, which I support in both home and away matches. Finally, I love to travel around the world in order to explore the beautifulness of it and to broaden my mindset by discovering different cultures.