Jef van den Buijs

Works at Bright Cape as
Graduate Intern
And really loves
Football, photography, music

Hello, I am Jef, a 23-year-old student living in Eindhoven. After finishing my bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, I am currently finishing my master’s degree in Operations Management and Logistics. As a graduate intern at Bright Cape, I am busy writing my thesis.  After participating in an extracurricular program in big data and following courses related to data science, I realised that I want to combine my interests by applying data science techniques to operation management problems. This is exactly what I can do at Bright Cape.

I just came back from a semester of studying in Taipei, Taiwan. After visiting a few of the surrounding countries in Asia, a study trip to Texas and Mexico last year, and participating in the Netherlands Asia Honours Summer School in Beijing and Shanghai two years ago, I think I can say that I enjoy seeing more of the world.

Besides graduating at Bright Cape, I enjoy hanging out with my friends at home or in a bar. In the weekends, visiting a football match is always part of the program. If there is any time left, I enjoy taking pictures of the nature or people.