Emmy Hendriks

Works at Bright Cape as
Data-driven UX Analyst
And really loves
Cats & Turtles

Hi! My name is Emmy Rintjema and I work at Bright Cape as a combination of a data scientist and experience consultant. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication, but after completing that study I was not entirely satisfied with my skillset; I think topics such as consumer insights and interaction design allow for more data-driven methods. For this reason, I pursued a master’s degree in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. At Bright Cape, I work on innovative and cutting-edge business cases with a large focus on combining data science with experiences. For instance, classification of children’s play behavior through sensors embedded in toys, or identification of digital personas and customer journeys through process analysis of website data.

And outside of work? I enjoy going out for nachos and wine with friends, and I am also really into games and movies. But most importantly, I love to work on my dance organization Movement Studios. What started as a small – just for fun – business, grew within 2 years to be one of the largest breakdance organizations in Eindhoven. Working with children and seeing them grow is highly rewarding and gives me a lot of positive energy.