David Berenstein

Works at Bright Cape as
Graduate Intern
And really loves
cooking, tech, kubb spiel

Hello, I am David, a 24-year-old student living in Eindhoven. I initially wanted to study medicine but, after a last-minute epiphany, I decided to switch to a more beta-oriented study at the TU/e. During my Bachelor Industrial Engineering, my love for tech was nurtured even more, which led me to subscribing for the Master Data Science and Engineering. As a graduate intern at Bright Cape, I am combining my newly found passion for tech with my sentimental passion for healthcare by creating the chatbot interface for the healthcare robot, who is called Sara. 

Before joining the Sara team, I have had the pleasure to spend 9 months in Japan. I spend 6 of these months as a research exchange student working on machine learning for MRI under the watchful eye of Ohzeki-sensei. The other 3 months, I spend travelling Japan with my twin brother. After my graduation, I hope to return the favour by following him during his search for the perfect taco in Mexico. 

Besides graduating at Bright Cape, I spend some time doing volunteering for the data department of the red cross and a small-scale organization that strives for value-based volunteering in the Gambia. Furthermore, I enjoy filling up my friends with good food. Lastly, I also link to play story-driven games on my PS4.