Daphne van Leeuwen

Works at Bright Cape as
Data Scientist
And really loves
Outdoor activities


My name is Daphne, I currently live in Amsterdam together with my husband. I studied business mathematics and computer science at the VU University Amsterdam. After my graduation, I continued studying as a PhD student at Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI), where I have immersed myself into the topic of queueing theory to model road traffic congestion. During my PhD, I partly worked at TrafficLink, a collaborative partner of my PhD project, where I developed the mathematical models for their products.

My ambitions are to apply my operations research knowledge to the development of data-driven optimization methods. At Bright Cape I work as a data scientist where I can apply this passion create effective and understandable business solutions to support clients towards a data-driven decision-making organization. To obtain the maximum potential for our clients, we collaborate with research organisations, to join forces between scientific research and state-of-the-art solutions. I am involved in the collaboration between the research institute CWI and Bright Cape. 

Besides my work ambitions, I like to spend my free time making active trips to exotic locations and during summer I like to cycle throughout the Netherlands to discover the variety and beauty of our own country.