Annabella Hermans

Picture of Annabella
Works at Bright Cape as
Data-Driven Experience Consultant
And really loves
Travelling, sushi and salsa

Hi! My name is Annabella Hermans, I am 25 years old and I just started as a DDEX consultant at BrightCape. As a child I always liked to be creative, solve puzzles and later on I became more and more interested in the human mind. Therefore, I chose Artificial Intelligence as a bachelor's degree at the free university of Amsterdam. There I could be creative by finding solutions for societal problems in the form of new technologies, I could solve puzzles during programming and I could learn about psychology and try to place myself in the shoes of the end user. I continued with a master in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Tilburg. I learned more about data science and all the benefits it can bring to all disciplines. I really like to bring this knowledge into practice at BrightCape. 

I just became an aunt so in my free time I love to babysit my niece and also visit my old grandfather. I like to travel as much as possible and when I am home alone, I love to sing with my piano or guitar. Furthermore, I am trying to master the Italian language and I am dreaming to live there for a while in the future.