Industry 4.0

Smart machines

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, with the main purpose of enhancing computers and machines with smart and autonomous systems that are driven by data and machine learning. This makes producing more efficient which gives the investing company an increases competitive position. Smart machines are based on 4 design principles, including interconnection, information transparency, technical assistance and decentralized decisions. This real-time solution can monitor and control quality to prevent or reduce waste. Also, advanced algorithms can significantly minimize traveled distance and thus picking time. All these reductions give serious cost reductions.

Internet of Things

Furthermore, Industry 4.0 is closely related to the Internet of Things (and services), Intelligent Machines, Big Data, and Analysis. Every day, these components are developing a little more. Internet of Things, containing objects being connected with the internet. For example, a thermostat that informs you about the temperature at your house, while you are at another location. It is now possible to instruct your thermostat to higher or lower the temperature to your preference without physically touching the thermostat at your house.

Because more and more products are connected to the internet, also more data can be saved. Data that was previously not known, is in abundance and contains value because of analysis that can be applied to it. Introducing all these improvements in the industry makes intelligent machines. Making it possible to monitor the complete production process in real-time.

Data storage

However, when collecting all these data, there has to be a space available to store all the data. Therefore, the cloud is of great importance. It serves as a place for unlimited storage of data. To create value out of these data, smart algorithms are implemented to analyze the data.

Creating value out of data

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