Efficiency + Sustainability = Performance

Efficiency + Sustainability = Performance

Sustainability at the Celonis World Tour 2022

Bright Cape was present at the Amsterdam stop of the 2022 Celonis World Tour, a roadshow bringing together industry leaders, business titans, and the world’s top experts in process mining and execution management. And as we prepare to attend Celosphere 2022 in  Munich, Germany, we want to look back on our attendance, partnership, and learnings during the Celonis World Tour 2022. We caught up with Menno van Eersel, one of our Data Scientists, for a retrospect about his attendance at said event.

This day was all about sharing experiences and successes, discussing visions on process mining, and connecting to clients and other process mining enthusiasts.

Sustainability as part of daily operations

One speaker that stuck with me was Janina Nakladal, Global Director of Sustainability at Celonis. She spoke about what is required to make sustainability part of your everyday operations, and use it in your path to operational and process excellence. A few takeaways:

  • Sustainability is still too often seen as a separate silo, set apart from business processes. In the future, sustainability must be integrated within process excellence and good business practice.
  • Performance and sustainability coalesce. There is no longer a trade-off for companies between business success and sustainability. In many cases, profit can be made by doing business in a more sustainable way. Think of reducing CO2 emissions in logistics by optimizing transport routes, or reducing waste by rejecting production runs early in case of errors. These examples show that sustainability efforts and business success go hand in hand.
  • In addition to profit at the bottom line, investing in sustainability efforts is necessary for many companies to not lose their right to exist. A sustainability-conscious company or brand can ensure the loyalty of (new) customers.
  • Celonis is onboarding more and more services into their ecosystem that include sustainability ratings. Examples of these are Planetly, mapping the emissions of shipping, and Ecovadis, a company that rates suppliers based on sustainability indicators. Connecting your data with data from these platforms is the first step in operationalizing sustainability.
  • Finally, it is important to understand where data gaps are in terms of sustainability. Companies often do not have the right data available to make sustainable choices. Given the growing demands made by governments, it is better to get your data in order now and make these sustainable choices, than to lose track for a few years and have to invest millions.

Improve to sustain tomorrow

I could relate much to what was brought up. Bright Cape has adopted a sustainability journey and I am a proud member of Bright Cape’s sustainability committee. We focus on four sustainability pillars, one of them being, sustainable solutions. We believe that the largest impact we can have on the environment is through the sustainability efforts of our clients. It is our mission to implement environmental impact as a core component of all the services and solutions we provide and challenge our clients to transition from driving profits based on efficiency towards profits based on sustainability efforts. As a guide in the data landscape, we conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We act at the forefront to reduce waste and by improving customer processes, in order to sustain tomorrow. We educate our clients to ensure that the solution and analytics expertise becomes a lasting advantage to their company.


Menno van Eersel, Régis van der Sommen, Joost van Poorten – all Data Scientists at Bright Cape

My final thoughts

It was a truly inspiring day! Great to see that Celonis is putting effort into supporting its customers in their sustainability journey. We will continue taking our own clients on that journey as well!

I have summed some more reading tips to help you on your way:

Curious to know how Bright Cape can help you improve your business operations in a more sustainable way?

Get in touch with me. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have. We use process mining to enable organizations to understand how their processes are running, and whether any (hidden) bottlenecks are causing the process to underperform. Process mining not only sheds light on how things happened but also gives answers to why it did happen. We have partnered up with Celonis, a global leader in execution management, whose Execution Management System provides companies with a modern way to run their business processes entirely on data and intelligence. And as we think big and small we also make use of other process mining tools like UiPath, PAF, and Disco to name a few. Bottom line, we have an agnostic approach, meaning that we match the customer’s needs with the most suitable tool.