William Lekatompessy

William Lekatompessy
Works at Bright Cape as
Solution Architect
And really loves
Family time & friends

From my earliest memories on I was fascinated by technology. As a little kid I’ve disected numerous (broken) phones and radio’s, trying to figure out how they worked and because I really enjoy fixing things. When the internet became widely available in the late 90’s I was grasped by it’s possibilities and I was determined to get to know and understand this new phenomena. During my studies of Mediatechnology and Communication, Multimedia & Design (I graduated in 2006) I delved deeper into the theoretical matter and I was able to further develop my software development skills. Eversince I have worked on innovative & international projects as a (lead) frontend developer, project leader, product owner and consultant. I try to combine all the knowledge I’ve gathered from these roles as a Solutions Architect at Bright Cape. Finding the right solutions and putting them into practice is what powers me and what keeps me going.

When I’m not at Bright Cape I love spending time with my family. Whenever the weather allows it you can find us at the beach, in a forest or on a citytrip. I try to meet up with all the guys I grew up with from time to time, to have some drinks and burgers. Besides that all, I am very lucky that my work is also my hobby, so whenever I have some spare time left I like to work on one of the many personal (web)projects I have.