Thijs van de Weijer

Works at Bright Cape as
And really loves
Family, football and a good game of risk

My name is Thijs van de Weijer, graduated as Master in International Business in Maastricht and Glasgow. My goal is to help clients transfer their data into valuable insights, as expert advisor, project manager or team lead. My colleagues call me the ‘process mining guru’, having applied process mining to dozens of different companies and processes, to achieve faster, more effective and efficient processes.

I love a challenge, like new technology and am not afraid to throw myself into a new environment. I am honest, sincere and speak my mind. Over the years I learned that this builds trust and solid relationships with people around me. This leverages knowledge and skills of the people around me and creates a shared vision, which can be put into action effectively.

I am a teamplayer, both at work and the foolballpitch where you can find 3 times per week, indoor and outdoor. Most important to me is my family: my three beautiful ladies at home of which I am very proud and love to be with.