Smart Industry Assistant

Your home has ALEXA. Your phone has SIRI. Your company now has SIA

SIA provides AI services to help you reach Industry  4.0. Whether it is to show what happened, analyze how to improve or to let SIA intervene to optimize your process. Several use case examples are predicting product quality, automatic reporting & visualization of important data, smart maintenance or process flow optimization. Three elements are always at the heart of our solution: increasing revenue, decreasing costs and optimizing processes in the Industry 4.0. That’s SIA. 


SIA enables customers to get (real time) insights (e.g. metrics), analyze and intervene to optimize processes, with an easy to install, effective and novel solution. 

What has SIA achieved so far? Customers  report process improvements and costs savings. Benefits from just one module at a customer are for example 2% revenue growth, 10% personnel cost reduction, 50% scrap reduction and 3% downtime reduction.  


SIA  combines a proprietary developed machine learning engine, customized  & optimized user experience to enable meaningful interaction and  situation agnostic IT set-up to allow installation wherever you are, whatever process you have. This has led to a tool that is top notch in both mathematics, communication & IT for various production settings. 
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Smart Industry Assistant