Renée de Leau

Works at Bright Cape as
Graduate Intern
And really loves
Puns, Tarantino movies, strategic boardgames and cats


My name is Renée de Leau. After completing my bachelor’s degree on Media and Culture, I wanted to learn more on new media research and current trends in communication. Therefore, I am currently studying for a master’s degree on New Media Design at Tilburg University. During this programme, I primarily focus on developing a UX research and practices skillset and really got into effectively designing meaningful, enjoyable and valuable products and services. The dynamic Bright Cape environment is a perfect way for me to develop new skills and enhance the ones I already have.  

As a graduate intern at Bright Cape, I am currently in the end phase of my study and writing my thesis. The goal for my thesis project is to further design and develop a DDEX Scan with which the level of UX maturity in organisations can be measured, which can serve as a starting point for Bright Capes DDEX department, as a tool to help shape company strategies. 

Besides my study, the thing that I love to do most is to be creative; either in playing music (violin and guitar), in drawing, painting or creating random other things. On top of that, I like to go out for dinner and drinks with my friends, watch a good movie and to travel.