Priyanka Sukumar

Works at Bright Cape as
Graduate Intern
And really loves
Photography, football and traveling

Hey, I’m Priyanka Sukumar.  

I did my bachelors in Electronics and Communication and I’m currently doing masters in Embedded Systems under the EIT digital master school. I did my first-year masters at Eindhoven University of Technology and currently I’m a student at University of Turku in Finland.  

I’m currently in Eindhoven to work on my master thesis at Bright Cape and it feels great to be back in this city. I moved back here from Finland to work on the AWARD project and I’m sure I’ll have a great time.  

I’m a sustainability fellow and I have been traveling to countries in North America and Africa to work on various SDG projects and to teach kids English and Mathematics. I like meeting new people and exploring cultures. I’m a big fan of soccer and Hollywood movies. I’m into EDM, pop and trance and I usually read or blog during my free time.