Milan van Wouden

Picture of Milan
Works at Bright Cape as
Data-Driven Experience Consultant & Front End Developer
And really loves
Good Coffee, Swimming, Formula 1/E, Rock/Country music

Hi, I am Milan van Wouden, a Data Driven UX (DDEX) & Junior Frontend Developer at Bright Cape. Currently, I am doing my Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen and working at Bright Cape and working as a Junior Frontend Developer at a small company called Beter Vindbaar B.V. Even though I spend some of my time in Groningen, I live 15 minutes from Eindhoven which makes Eindhoven a great place to work next to studying. 

Self-development is key and challenges that put your problem-solving skills to the test are essential. I am always up for a new challenge or for learning new techniques. This also explains why I like boardgames so much. I like to drink good coffee, spend time with my girlfriend, swim, play or watch formula 1/E, listen to old country and rock and learn new stuff.