Meline Markosian

Works at Bright Cape as
UX Consultant
And really loves
Movies, good food and shopping


I’m Meline, I live in Rotterdam and I'm a UX consultant at Bright Cape. My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Master’s degree in Communication Design.

As a UX Consultant I have the privilege to see and experience different companies of different sizes. Some of these include Eneco, Friesland Campina and Nobleo Bouw & Infra. Each with their own brands and a variety of people from whom I have learned tremendously. The variation of tasks keeps my work exciting and allows me to develop multiple skills. While one company might want more research done, another would like more expertise on marketing or design.

Outside of work you’ll mostly find me in the cinemas tucked away behind a large bucket of popcorn. I enjoy watching movies and will usually go about 1 or 2 times a week. Next to that I enjoy going out for dinner, shopping and I work out regularly.