Mayke Pondes

Works at Bright Cape as
Marketing & Communication
And really loves
hanging out with my crazy friends, enjoying the food of a little bit too fancy restaurant

Hi! I am Mayke Pondes, an Industrial Engineering student at the University of Technology Eindhoven. After I finished my Bachelor Thesis at Bright Cape, I became responsible for the marketing and communication. As I really like the ambience in Eindhoven (when you look beyond the grey buildings), I plan on continuing my study afterwards with the master Innovation Management here as well.

Student life and working at Bright Cape is a golden combination! Bright Cape is a young minded and energetic company which gives me the opportunity to bring my own input and obtain a lot practical experience. Therefore, I am not in a hurry but will be extending this period for a little while ;).

In my spare time I like to get together with my friends and go to the movies a lot. Booking the next holiday trip to look forward to is also one of the favorites!