Fréderique van den Boogaart

Works at Bright Cape as
Data Scientist
And really loves
My guinea pigs and (vegetarian) sushi

Hi there!

My name is Fréderique van den Boogaart and I currently live in Eindhoven. I started working as a data scientist at Bright Cape in September 2018, after I obtained my master degrees in Data Science and Information Management. I previously worked as a consumer insights analyst, where I focused on customer segmentation and on predicting consumer behavior. Whereas I know for certain that I like consumer data, I’m also curious to explore other data sources and expand my knowledge and experience. That’s why I chose Bright Cape 😊

When I’m not working, I like to play soccer, go for a run or go out for dinner. Apart from that I’m very passionate about beauty and fashion. It will therefore not come as a surprise that shopping and make-up are two other hobbies of mine.