Data Driven Experiences (DDEX)

What it is

With Data Driven Experiences (DDEX), we bring UX to a higher level. By making UX technologies based on qualitative as well as quantitative data, we will change the way we look at the interactions that we develop and share with our clients. With DDEX we can investigate the entire journey that people encounter when using a service or product. 

This enables us to exactly pinpoint where you should optimize the journey while streamlining (internal) processes, products and optimizing margins. We can support you throughout the entire process, no matter what competence level you are at. Ready? Let’s go!

How we do it

Customer Insights

Extract valuable insights and actionable recommendations on your customers based on data.

Examples: Customer Journey Mining, customer research, open data analysis, customer entry points, marketing analytics, data driven personas

Experience Design

Extract valuable insights and actionable recommendations on your products based on data. Implement and optimize your experience design throughout all phases of the customer journey.

Examples: service (re)design, UX evaluation, UX research & design, usability testing, UI & Development, predictive content, cognitive analysis, Graphic Design


Educate your organization and increase competency levels.  
Create an implementation roadmap and lay out the strategy.

Examples: Training, workshops, guidance, DDEX scan, roadmap for DDEX optimisation, setting up EX / UX and service departments, evaluation and growth 

Why you need it

Increase in digital activities
Boost in sales / conversion
+ of the competitors are using data science already. Move on competitors
more usability errors uncovered with DDEX

Products & Services

On our journey into discovering DDEX, we have also encountered new ideas and improvements on existing methods used in Experience Design. Below we would like to share some of the products that we have discovered along the way. If you would like to know more about these products, please reach out. We would love to elaborate further.
Bright Cape has developed a DDEX scan that measures the maturity and readiness for DDEX in your organization. Our scan is tested, validated and based on scientific research to provide you with the best quantified insights as possible. Main categories in this scan are: Business & Company Culture, Quality of Execution, and Competences and Customer Insights. 

In order to gain insight into these categories we combine multiple research methods in order to provide you with an objective and robust insight into your status quo. The same scan can be utilized after implementing changes to measure impact and growth.
Providing a positive customer experience is becoming one of the top differentiators between competitors. Just predicting the steps, a customer will travel across your touchpoints isn’t enough anymore. We need to create fact-based insights into how the customer journey has ‘actually’ run rather than just rely on theoretical assumptions. By uniting the power of data with user experience design, we can measure which channels and touchpoints are less effective in the current journey and how to formulate and implement improvements. Customer Journey Mining provides insight into the designed customer journey, the as experienced customer journey and the logged customer journey. By comparing these 3 sources we can gain insight into the true customer journey and deliver actionable insights. 
As a result, the increased customer satisfaction will boost the conversion, customer retention, revenue and overall optimization of your processes. 
Personas provide insight and guidance for your design decisions and the journeys that you develop. What if we could make these personas adaptive? Growing as we collect more insights on our customers? That's what we've been working on with persona 2.0. 

With Persona 2.0 we combine insights from UX research with the logged data that resides in a company. By using clustering algorithms we are able to find clusters and groups that are not limited by our human ability to search for meaningful connections, enabling us to look beyond the known user groups. As time goes by, your customer base could change. With persona 2.0 these changes are easy to discover and act upon.

Persona 2.0 is just the tip of the iceberg. Enabling predictive content based on the history of the cluster is the next step.