Daan Salomé

Picture of Daan
Works at Bright Cape as
Data Scientist
And really loves
Sports, festivals, drinking some good beers (as the brewery is not going that well), driving a car at night with some good music on

Hi there! I am Daan Salomé and I just started working as a Data Scientist at Bright Cape. With a background in Applied & Industrial Mathematics I did not only want to be the cool guy who could explain all the complicated mathematical models, but I also wanted to use these models to solve real world problems. By doing this in a nice, open-minded atmosphere together with a group of young and passionate people, Bright Cape seemed like the ideal fit! 

When I am not cracking data, you can probably find me at a running track or on the tennis court. When you can’t find me there either, I am likely at a music festival. Occasionally, I like to turn the (turn)tables and play as a DJ myself. Furthermore, I always like to test myself. Currently, I am planning to run a (half) marathon and I am trying to brew a delicious beer. Unfortunately, all beers tasted horrible until now. So, I guess there is still some work to do!