Seminar Data Driven Experiences (DDEX)

overview of ddex audience

What better way to provide you with an overview of the event than to show you the aftermovie?

On the 30th of august we gathered at EIT Digital on the High Tech Campus with 55 likewise minded people focused on Customer Experience, User Experience, Data Analytics, Service Design & more. The goal of this seminar? Share knowledge and findings on how data science techniques can enrich these area's and open the discussion on the subject of Data Driven Experiences (DDEX), a methodology that Bright Cape has launched last august. 

With Brian Pagán, Tom Reinhoudt, Youp Suurmeijer, Florence Lehnert and Serena Dorrestijn as speakers the afternoon was filled with different views and standpoints on the subject of DDEX with enabled meaningful discussions amongst the participants afterwards during the drinks. The topics of the talks were the following: 

Data Driven Experiences: the why, the how & the what - Serena Dorrestijn

DDEX is an evidence-based approach to experience design, developed by Bright Cape, that combines the power of data with (user) experience research and design. DDEX originated from advocating implementing UX Research methodology in the design processes of clients. While further developing these strategies, we started to combine cutting edge data science techniques with UX research to see if you could innovate within the field. In this journey we have discovered many possibilities and opportunities that we would not have thought possible before and that we would love to share. Will you join us in thinking about how we can improve the field of Experience Design? Brainstorm about the countless possibilities and find new applications for DDEX?

Using open data to optimize experiences - Youp Suurmeijer

Nowadays data is collected at a larger scale than ever before, and more and more so called open-source data becomes freely available. Sources like weather data, population metrics, social media data, the list goes on and on. At Bright Cape we try to leverage these freely available data sources to enrich our customers pre-existing data sets. During this talk I will be reviewing some applications of open-source data sets and be explaining how you can optimize your own data and enrich your analytics insights.

Supercharging dashboards with data - Tom Reinhoudt

Within ASML we are working extensively with dashboards. We use these dashboards to give insight in the data that our machines generate. At the moment, the main driver for these dashboards is machine data. But how can we supercharge these dashboards making them more intuitive and better suited for the people using them?

Heroes & Villains: ethical questions for data-enriched design - Brian Pagán

Our security, health, & lives depend on technology working for people. But we creators often get so distracted by what we’re creating, that we forget why we’re creating it; or even if we should be creating it at all. This talk will offer a human experience perspective on heroism & villainy, a simple exercise for articulating your personal mission, and a checklist to help understand the impact of your decisions when gathering, analyzing, & designing with data.

Customer Journey Mining: combining research with process mining to analyse the true customer journey - Florence Lehnert

The reason for the existence of a company is their customer! Providing a positive customer experience is becoming one of the top differentiators between competitors. Just predicting the steps, a customer will travel across your touchpoints isn’t enough anymore. We need to create fact-based insights into how the customer journey has ‘actually’ run rather than just rely on theoretical assumptions. By uniting the power of data with user experience design, we can measure which channels and touchpoints are less effective in the current journey and how to formulate and implement improvements. As a result, the increased customer satisfaction will boost the conversion, customer retention, revenue and overall optimization of your processes


If you would like to know more about one of these talks, feel free to reach out to the speakers! As Bright Cape we would like to thank all attendees for showing their interest and the lively discussions that followed, thank our line-up of speakers for the great talks and the organizing team behind the event for their effort and the great organization!