Celosphere 2020 x Live


Due to COVID-19 Celosphere 2020 turned into a 3 day webevent. In short time they created an enormous web event.
An amazing job by the whole Celonis event team.

We can imagine a three days event is a little overwelming and time consuming. That is why we already did some cherry picking for you.

A few short comments upfront:

  • Prof. Wil van der Aalst is the father of Process Mining and respected advisor of Bright Cape.
  • As Bright Cape, we experience Process Mining as a method supporting one or multiple of the following business reasons:
  1. Value creation through subsequent process improvement and continues monitoring;
  2. Conformance control and compliance;
  3. Preparation for system migration and post-implementation quality validation.
  • The selected sessions relate to the above and provide an insight in the new functionality and realized business cases of companies;
  • Last but not least, process mining can support the key measures to take in the Covid-19 dynamic situation and provides actionable insights for your organization to react in the field of SCM and optimize cash conversion cycles.

Join for 3 Days of Innovation and Inspiration
Celosphere Live is the world’s largest online event for process enthusiasts. Join the industry leaders at the forefront of the Process Mining movement and learn what it takes to bring out the best in your business.
Tune-in or watch later!
Via the website you can tune in by setting the whole program in you calander. It is also possible to watch keynotes and sessions on-demand, so you can watch whenever it suits you.  

Celosphere 2020 x Live