Care robot Sara stays over


Care robot SARA supports care personnel during the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 virus hits hard in The Netherlands. Especially for the elderly, and caregivers, the consequences are enormous. Intending to provide remote care and provide relief from the 'loneliness virus', Bright Cape makes its care robot SARA available to elderly people who have limited contact with their family. The robot also serves as support and relief for caregivers.

SARA goes inside for a month
SARA comes to stay at healthcare institutions free of charge. Together with SARA, the elderly can listen to beautiful stories, singing songs, and do exercises. Besides, SARA supports in contact with family using video calling. Yesterday, April 1 was the kick-off at one of the care centers of St. Anna Care group. The first SARA is already 24-hours inside, thanks to the PSV Foundation.

Safe implementation

SARA has a lot of content, such as stories about the Efteling, music by Andre Rieu and a proverbs quiz. We are also continuing to expand this content. All of this can be done remotely, we only need a WIFI connection. With the current content, care institutions can get started immediately and SARA will offer immediate added value. In this way, in-house implementation is not necessary, which means we can guarantee safety.

Healthcare institutions can get in touch with Bright Cape, the developer of SARA, by sending an email to We have a dozen SARAs available and are working very hard to increase this number on short notice.

About SARA
SARA, is a robot care colleague to reduce the workload in and to guarantee the quality of care. SARA stands for Social & Autonomous Robotic health Assistant. She had been working in three Dutch healthcare institutions for several months before the outbreak of COVID-19. The results so far have been very positive.

The concept of robots in the healthcare sector is not new. Most of them are unable to function independently. The SARA robot can act largely autonomously. Thanks to the SARA Home system, healthcare professionals can enter a personalized profile and health plan, based on which SARA can support the healthcare professional. For example, they can upload the input of a care life plan from the electronic file. It contains a lot of information, so that e.g. one patient prefers to hear stories, another patient needs musical stimulation, and healthcare professionals can add activities. SARA can be set up differently per residential care center. In a residential care center in Kaatsheuvel, SARA was programmed with stories about De Efteling, so that care residents can reminisce about their childhood.
About Bright Cape 
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