Armand Starczewski

Works at Bright Cape as
DDEX Consultant & Front End Developer
And really loves
Video recording, swimming and basketball

Hi, my name is Armand Starczewski. I was born and grow up in small Polish city named Szydlowiec. For a higher education, I settle down in Eindhoven. Due to my interest in a practical approach to problem solutions, I decided to obtain my bachelor degree at the University of Technology Eindhoven in Psychology & Technology study. One of my success during that period was achieving my first publication from my bachelor end project: A Decision-Making Perspective on Coaching Behavior Change: A Field Experiment on Promoting Exercise at Work. During the bachelor study, I followed Honors Academy of High Tech Systems Track with a role of the FireFly team leader. We created an amazing drone show. Currently, I am following a master program at the same university in Human-Technology Interaction. The master program applies knowledge from social sciences to problems related to the introduction of new technologies.

I am passionate about people perception of current and future technology. I also like to use new technologies for helping people achieve their daily goals and task in a user-friendly, inspiring and valuable way. To be able to follow my passions, I worked on various skills: qualitative and quantitative research methods, human factors, user experience, psychology, and sociology. In order to bring the conceptual ideas into real life, I also learned to programme in languages as Java, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python.

At Bright Cape I am working as User Experience Researcher and Front-End Developer. This combination is the best match for my passions. I design new or improve existing platform and applications with a focus on users experience through suitable research and analysis. After the design phase, I help development team with the creation of the front-end part of the applications.

Outside of work, I like to play basketball and go swimming. I am also interested in video recording and editing. Beside these, I am a very social person so if you want to have a talk, feel free to contact me.