Rick Janssen

Rick Janssen
Works at Bright Cape as
Data Scientist
And really loves
Travelling, music

I am Rick Janssen and I work at Bright Cape as a data scientist. I graduated with first class honors in artificial intelligence (on autonomous robotics) from Radboud University, and obtained a PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (on computer modelling and machine learning). My move to the corporate sector at Bright Cape was inspired by a strong desire to get both feet on the ground, and to contribute to developing and deploying pragmatic solutions that yield tangible benefits.

As a data scientist at Bright Cape, I perform R&D and consultancy activities to maximize our clients’ business processes efficiencies. This includes problem definition and scoping, algorithm development and testing, and solution embedment in a production environment. Domains you can think of are: supply chain optimization, computer vision, fraud detection, trend forecasting, and more. As long we can obtain good data, I am sure we can extract valuable information from it!

I currently live in Den Bosch with my girlfriend, Nikkie. People describe me as no-nonsense, persistent, and open-minded. In my free time, I like independent travel through remote locations such as deserts and rainforest. At home, I try to visit the gym a couple of times a week, play the drums in a band, and do regular salsa dancing. In summer, me and a friend often hit the shores with our jet ski. I like to think that my strong sense of rhythm and wave anticipation inspires my activities at Bright Cape!