Jorrit Sandbrink

Jorrit Sandbrink
Works at Bright Cape as
Data Scientist
And really loves
Travelling & Sports

My name is Jorrit. I’m born and raised in Gemert, Noord-Brabant (known from club Time Out). By now I live together with my German girlfriend just over the border at our eastern neighbors.

I’ve studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology: first a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering followed up by a masters in Operations Management & Logistics. During my study I developed a passion for ‘Big Data’ en the gigantic potential hidden therein. As a starter I was looking for a place where I could apply myself in that area, hence the choice of Bright Cape! At Bright Cape I keep busy with Business Intelligence and Data Science.

In my own time I love to travel (far and long) in search of adventure. I view exercise as an activity that is necessary. I like to mountain bike and currently go to the gym several times a week.