Itzel Belderbos

Works at Bright Cape as
Junior Data Scientist
And really loves
Trying new recipes, coffee places for a latte macchiato, 80's soul music

Hi! I am Itzel Belderbos, a graduated bachelor student Industrial Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. After my graduation in February 2018, I immediately packed my suitcases and traveled through the beautiful landscapes of South America. When I returned, I decided not to start with a master immediately, but to gain some extra experience at a company first; and this brought me to Bright Cape!  

I really enjoying working at Bright Cape as a work student. The company is very innovative, openminded and dynamic. There is a lot of freedom to develop and challenge yourself in many ways. 

I am also a member of the photography association Dekate Mousa and play hockey at Don Quishoot three times a week. In addition, I visit the student sport center at least twice a week and (try to) save enough time to see my friends in my free evenings. Furthermore, I have a passion for travelling and seeing new places. And it is not necessary to cross an ocean to do this; also, in Europe or even The Netherlands I like to travel around.