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Automating the movement of goods throughout the logistic chain, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs. That’s our mission.

AWARD – Autonomous warehouse and last mile delivery- is designed to aid  logistic service providers in optimizing and integrating their processes, from warehouse to end-point delivery. Our innovative solution has four interconnected modules to choose from, so there’s always an option that will best suit your needs. On top of that, our consultants,  the very best in their field, take pride in polishing AWARD modules to seamlessly integrate them into your running operation.

Guided by intelligent algorithms and machine learning, AGVs take care of the transport of your valuable items within a warehouse, contributing  to a safer workplace and decrease in costs as overtime and staff  turnover are reduced. For last mile delivery, we are currently setting  up (enabling?) our platform for future drone delivery, so that even the  most remote areas can be serviced in an efficient and cost effective  way.   

Key features

  • Supply chain integration from warehouse to end-point delivery 
  • Intelligent software platform to coordinate a fleet of autonomous vehicles 
  • Native support for WMS market leader (Manhattan) 
  • Adaptive response to real-time environments 
  • Self-improving machine learning algorithm 
  • Compatible with legacy environments 
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